School Mission:

Mary Our Queen Catholic School forms students of faith to pursue academic excellence and live in Christian service.

Mary Our Queen students are knowledgeable, practicing Catholics who…
– Demonstrate an understanding of Scripture, traditions, and the teachings of the Church.
– Demonstrate behaviors consistent with Catholic teachings and values respecting self and others.
– Participate in school liturgies, service projects, and prayer services.

Mary Our Queen students are responsible, caring citizens who…
– Accept consequences for behavior and employ problem-solving skills.
– Recognize the responsibility of a citizen of a democracy.
– Understand and respect people of all cultures and religious beliefs.
– Demonstrate a willingness to help those in need.
Mary Our Queen students are self-directed learners and creative thinkers who…
– Take responsibility for learning.
– Use effective learning strategies.
– Organize time and tasks to accomplish reasonable goals.
– Employ higher order thinking skills and creativity.
– Accept academic challenges to meet their highest potential

Mary Our Queen students are effective communicators who…
– Present written and oral information accurately in an organized, clear and ethical manner

At the heart of everything we do is our Mary Our Queen parish community who are committed both spiritually and financially to the mission of our school. Our desire is to encourage each member of the Mary Our Queen community to become personally responsible to God, self, family, and country. Together we strive to produce students who find the love of Christ, academic excellence and share their God given gifts with the world.


  • Weekly all-school Masses where students plan and participate in the Liturgy
  • “House” system utilized in 7th – 8th grade to include teamwork activities and student leadership    opportunities
  • Full-time School Guidance Counselor
  • After school “homework” room available to students who are struggling or who need extra help
  • Academic extra-curricular activities such as Robotics, Math Competition Teams, Book Bowl Teams, Battle of the Books; and non-academic extra-curricular activities such as Student Council, Choir, Band and Chess Club, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: and faith based opportunities such as Catholic Daughters, Squires, and Legion of Mary
  • School Hot Lunch Program
  • Outstanding documented results on standardized tests
  • Dedicated School Board
  • Active Home and School organization
  • Parishioners’ support which helps subsidize actual costs per child