Mission Statement

Mary Our Queen Catholic School forms students of faith to pursue academic excellence and live in Christian service.

School Goals
Mary Our Queen students are knowledgeable, practicing Catholics who…
• Demonstrate an understanding of Scripture, traditions, and the teachings of the Church.
• Demonstrate behaviors consistent with Catholic teachings and values respecting self and others.
• Participate in school liturgies, service projects, and prayer services.

Mary Our Queen students are self-directed learners and creative thinkers who…
• Take responsibility for learning.
• Use effective learning strategies.
• Organize time and tasks to accomplish reasonable goals.
• Employ higher order thinking skills and creativity.
• Accept academic challenges to meet their highest potential.

Mary Our Queen students are responsible, caring citizens who…
• Accept consequences for behavior and employ problem-solving skills
• Recognize the responsibility of a citizen of a democracy.
• Understand and respect people of all cultures and religious beliefs.
• Demonstrate a willingness to help those in need.