Mary Our Queen School is a Nebraska state and AdvancED accredited school. We follow a standards-based curriculum prepared by the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic School Office that provides clear expectations for education standards as well as specific Nebraska Standards relating to each program standard. As an accredited school by the State of Nebraska, we are in compliance with all the numbered provisions under Title 92, Chapter 10 as regulated by the Nebraska Department of Education.

At the start of each school year, a Curriculum Night is held to provide information to parents about what their child will learn in core subjects (Religion, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts) and in “specials” (Music, Physical Education, Computers, Spanish, and Library).


Mary Our Queen School employs a full time guidance counselor. The guidance counselor visits each classroom (Grades k-8) at least 2 times a month. An outcome based guidance curriculum teaches students skills in three general domains: personal/social, academic and career.   The guidance counselor is available to meet with students to discuss topics such as problem solving, friendship, academic progress, etc.  The guidance counselor is a member of the SAT (Student Assistance Team) team and provides support with personalized student learning plans.


Mary Our Queen School employs a full time resource teacher who works with students individually or in small groups to provide academic support. The resource teacher can administer general assessments to determine a student’s instructional level and identify appropriate teaching strategies. She works with classroom teachers to provide necessary accommodations for academic success. The resource teacher works with Westside Community School District Speech and Language and Special Education instructors to coordinate learning evaluations and support the goals on a student’s individualized education program (IEP) or Equitable Service Plan (ESP). The resource room will collaborate with other teachers concerning each student’s learning plan and provide general classroom teachers with instruction or advice on how to alter lesson plans to meet learning goals. The resource room teacher also communicates with parents, counselors, and others to discuss each student’s progress.

SAT TEAM: Student Assistance Team

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is comprised of the school Principal, resource teacher, counselor, and one or more teachers from the primary, intermediate and junior high levels. The team, with the classroom teacher, meets as often as necessary to review and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of students with special academic or behavioral needs. The team will offer suggestions and strategies for classroom implementation, recommend resource support when necessary, and may suggest further testing to be administered by Westside Community Schools, our public school partner.

While working with the parents, the Mary Our Queen SAT team strives to offer the best possible instructional program for its students with special needs as well as those students with high ability.


Mid-quarter progress reports will be issued each quarter. Parents will have access to view student grades online in order to monitor progress. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice during the year. Special conferences are arranged if requested by either the parents or the teacher. Report cards are issued each quarter.


Parent-teacher conferences are held at the end of the first quarter and again in the spring. Conferences for students in grades K-5 are 15 minutes, and 10 minutes for students in grade 6. Parents will have the opportunity to sign up for conferences for students in grades K-6 using the SignUp Genius Conference

Schedule. Conferences for students in grades 7-8 are 10 minutes, and are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Specials teachers are available for conferences as well, and parents in grades K-6 may schedule a conference time with those teachers.


Mary Our Queen School administers the Terra Nova 3 Test in the fall of each school year for grades 3-7 (which include the In-View Cognitive Ability Test), and 8th grade students take the ACT EXPLORE Test.  Individual results are mailed to parents/guardians in late fall.

Students in grades K-5 are given the Basic Reading Inventory and a Writing Assessment each fall and spring.